On Track Education in West Yarner/Seale Hayne  is a mixed, day special school. The school provides education for up to 40 pupils aged 7-16 who benefit from small group and individualised learning. 

Our KS3/KS4 children attend our secondary school at Seale Hayne.   West Yarner, situated on the outskirts of Dartington, is the base for our  primary age children (KS1/KS2).  All children have individualised timetables with a range of enrichment activities, which are linked to their personalised targets within their EHCPs.

West Yarner/Seale Hayne is committed to raising achievement and enabling pupils to recognise their potential and supporting them through a personalised curriculum. Our priority is to develop the foundation knowledge and skills required to make the transition to their next stage a positive experience. We put great emphasis on developing children’s vocabulary and social skills through their time at On Track. We offer a supportive environment where our pupils accept responsibility for their actions, make positive decisions and display resilience during their academic studies. 

The school takes a wholly positive approach to behaviour management and supports a culture of tolerance and respect.  Each pupil’s behaviour support plan is carefully written and reviewed to identify the proactive and reactive strategies, early interventions and de-escalation techniques that work for each individual.  Our staff focus on each pupil’s positive characteristics, strengths and interests.

At On Track West Yarner/ Seale Hayne we embrace a whole school Thrive Approach, supporting right time development by adapting the ethos, curriculum and environment to meet the needs of all our children as they arise naturally in line with age related expectation; using targeted reparative work to fill the gaps where children's needs have not been met at the right time in their development. 

We promote Thrive activities that provide a medium through which to work with children and young people to support their social and emotional development. All staff embody a relational approach using skills and strategies for building positive relationships with children in ways which understand and support their social and emotional development. We establish skills to recognise and respond sensitively and appropriately; understanding that behaviour is a communication of need.  

  • Thrive helps our staff team prepare children and young people for life’s emotional ups and downs.
  • Thrive is rigorous, targeted and measured, based in attachment theory, neuroscience and child development. 
  • Thrive supports adults with how to be and what to do to help children to engage with life and learning.

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